SUNDAY SOMEWHERE Matahari Marble Demi

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The Australian made sunglasses brand SUNDAY SOMEWHERE are focussed on detail, quality, simplicity and originality. The unisex Matahari Marble Demi are 132mm x 54mm with a signature laser etch logo on the lens. SUNDAY SOMEWHERE are influenced by both the past and future and the Matahari Marble Demi brings a retro but up-to-date look into sunglasses with the front UV lens piece being detachable and the rose gold featured around the lens. Grab these vintage sunnys for yourself today and you wont regret it. Find them at PASAR!

Product Details:

  • Marble Demi
  • 132mm x 54mm
  • Handmade frame
  • Laser etch logo on lens
  • Detachable front UV lens

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