About Us

At PASAR, our goal is to keep you one step ahead of the game. We curated our shop with the freshest pieces of street fashion. Our selection comes directly from our family of designers. PASAR is the best-kept secret to finding the coolest and most unique items before everyone else.

Ethical Small Scale Fashion

PASAR is a family of independent designers and labels. We believe in small scale ethical production, where everyone involved get their fair share.

When you shop from small independent designer and labels, you:

  • Get cool stuff no one else has
  • Don't support unfair treatment of factory workers
  • Support the artists, the visionaries, the dreamers

Founded in 2012, PASAR began as an idea between two young designers. That idea spawned a creative collective of independent designers who share a love for new urban street fashion.

We’ve grown to become the premiere destination for street fashion, and we pride ourselves on providing a superior online shopping experience and exceptional customer service. 

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