Go nuts with This Is A Love Song clothing – fashion for music festivals

The link between music and fashion is unbreakable. Style visualizes music's directions, catwalk shows thrive through music, music artists become style icons, and we find the hottest looks at music festivals. The Bali born streetwear brand This Is A Love Song clothing aka TIALS lives this great cooperation perfectly.  The label This Is A Love Song designs quirky urban clothing for women and men, for music and festival-lovers and creative performers. But not only - the design girls Nina Hadinata and Stephanie Vermaas not only run one of the coolest “music meets fashion” label, they also throw bangin parties under the name “Love In Tents”. This Is A Love Song clothing is unique outfits with fun and a bit of humor for the coolest chicks. Browse their latest music festival inspired street styles and laidback clothing at PASAR now.

“Music is our biggest inspiration”


This Is A Love Song is streetwear clothes with built-in tunes

No doubt, This Is A Love Song and their TIALS styles are taking the fashion and music festival world by storm. Inspired by music, songs and travels, the design geniuses bring laidback streetwear and cool urban clothing to a higher level: All of their hip collections and stylish clothes are based on songs or artists. Show your love for music and fashion and get the perfect music festival style at PASAR now.

This Is A Love Song´s latest collections were heavily inspired by 80´s music, like Michael Jackson and Madonna, and represent some Coachella music festival impressions. Style icons and artists, like Ellie Goulding, Major Lazer and Charyl Cole already snapped up TIALS´ creative style. Fashion buyers and trend scouts around the world land the labels hip urban clothing pieces for their trend halls and wardrobes all over the world. This Is A Love Song are favorites already in the most prestigious streetwear department shops in the US, the UK and even in Dubai.

The fanbase of This Is A Love Song is growing all over the world and their streetwear collections of womens clothing constantly reaches larger audiences. This Is A Love Song clothing also incorporates an ongoing collection of streetwear basics for women and men.

This Is A Love Song opened their fashion doors in 2010. The indo-Australian and indo-Dutch design talents founded TIALS on the Indonesian island of Bali. The creative girls started first with an underground bar and later turned it into the fashion space, design house and concept store This Is A Love Song. TIALS creates amazing streetwear clothing inspired by the songs they love and music festival vibes they experience.

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