For the Sydney-based eyewear brand Sunday Somewhere it’s always summer somewhereSunday Somewhere Sunglasses

If you have ever picked up that very special pair of sunnies, you KNOW! The sunglasses that have impeccable design, the exact right weight, and that feel perfect when you put them on. The sunnies you never want to take off, and you don’t have to, because you know their quality will last forever. Those sunglasses are SUNDAY SOMEWHERE


SUNDAY SOMEWHERE make mens sunglasses and womans sunglasses outside of mainstream thinking. Using retro sunglasses designs they’re influenced and inspired by photography, with an art direction that you can relate to. Focusing on detail SUNDAY SOMEWHERE use intricate modern features to create fresh and timeless designs. Their sunglasses blend both classic and modern using simplicity and originality. Each accessory, mens sunglasses and womans sunglasses are designed and made in Australia. SUNDAY SOMEWHERE, from Dave Allison became a reality in 2010 and his brilliant sunglasses designs, “classic with a twist”, have developed a cult following from the beaches of Sydney. If you’re looking to shop sunglasses, go with SUNDAY SOMEWHERE!

The uniqueness of SUNDAY SOMEWHERE retro sunglasses has a growing popularity on the Australian and international fashion scene. With articles making top fashion magazines like Elle, Glamour and Marie Claire SUNDAY SOMEWHERE mens sunglasses and womans sunglasses are being picked up by top fashion models and celebrities looking to pioneer the newest trends when looking to shop sunglasses. The trending retro sunglasses are the perfect addition to your summer outfit allowing both men and woman to add some vintage style to your look.

Coming from the beaches of sun-filled Sydney, SUNDAY SOMEWHERE use signature designs, and futuristic materials to create retro-sunglasses for men and woman. Their beautifully crafted mens sunglasses and womans sunglasses are inspired by the time spent travelling in sun filled countries. Coming to life in 2010 the SUNDAY SOMEWHERE focus was on detail, quality and originality. Their mens sunglasses and womans sunglasses range is timeless, through their simplistic design the retro sunglasses collection will have something to suit for any summer outfit and anyone wanting to shop sunglasses. They combine both the past and future, with a vintage design finish. The look is always a fresh must have for those of you looking for a classic style with a twist!

SUNDAY SOMEWHERE is a Sydney sunglasses brand formed in late 2010 from Dave Allison. Their philosophy is simple – create beautifully crafted, classic and modern frames, suited to a wide audience of stylish people looking to shop sunglasses. The SUNDAY SOMEWHERE look is inspired by the past and future, featuring classic vintage-inspired mens sunglasses and womans sunglasses. Their frames have modern detailing and futuristic materials. Believing in an endless summer, SUNDAY SOMEWHERE recognizes retro sunglasses are part of every warm weather outfit. They want you to have a “make-up-your-own-mind” attitude. By creating mens sunglasses and womans sunglasses with wearable modernity the selection has something for everyone. If you’re looking to shop sunglasses find these at PASAR today!

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