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"inspired by hooded storytellers, from ancient Buddhist monks to modern day hip hop lyricists.“

High street fashion and urban clothing with a dark twist of street goth. This best describes the slightly grunge-inspired designs the Los Angeles based label SKINGRAFT is known for. At PASAR you'll get the latest collections and a curated selection of the amazing designs by Jonny Cota. Shop Skingraft at PASAR now! 

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SKINGRAFT X Twisted Lamb Leggings

SKINGRAFT - progressive grunge clothing with amazing fit

The brand produces clothing and accessories collections for men and women, with a taste of grunge and gothic. SKINGRAFT is known for their luxury leather wear items. The range of their progressive outfits are available at PASAR: Vests, scarfs, dresses, crop leather shirts and holsters.

For the modest streetwear lover, there are oversized flannels, hoodies, draped pants and long-sleeves, cardigans, bandanas with a signature SKINGRAFT print and skeletal print leggings. The hand-knit wool pieces and draped jersey goods build the bridge from avant-garde leather fashion to sportswear-like comfortable fit.

Leather meets hand-knitted wool

Wearable leather and knit combinations are signature Skingraft fabric compositions. Besides the trademark color black, the palette is muted with grey, brown and a few red clothing pieces. Latest collections play with sophisticated punk rock clothing elements and grunge features, such as metal zippers and hoodies for their progressive styles.

Designer Jonny Cota conquering international runways

Young design talent Jonny Cota and CFO Christopher Cota launched the art-inspired urban fashion brand Skingraft in 2006. San Francisco native Cota, former stilt walker and costume designer for a circus, started the urban clothing house Skingraft first as a design and art experiment in LA. Since then the stylish fashion label Skingraft made its way to streetwear fashionistas all over the world and to the international runways. They create outstanding and unique accessories and individual leather pieces. Now more celebrities are discovering the Skingraft style for the stage. The list of fashion-loving artists wearing extraordinary Skingraft leather stage outfits and accessories is long: A$ap Rocky, Azelia Banks, Rihanna, Cassie, Missy Elliott, Mary J Blige to Justin Bieber and Nicky Minaj.

September 17, 2014: NYFW and Skingraft SS15

For the second time, Skingraft entered the Lincoln Center at New York Fashion week to show their newest collection. This time, it was the Spring/Summer 2015 that was being shown. With a collection feeling even more high-end than the previous, the label has really taken street fashion to yet another level. Both menswear and womenswear was shown, with a strong red addition to the traditional Skingraft color pallete. Designer Jonny Cota drew inspiration from Mexican culture and Santeria prayer altars, playing with the elements of blood from animal offerings. The collection featured smoke, bones, sugar skulls, and a collaboration with New York artist James Eagles. Expect to find the Skingraft SS15 collection at PASAR in the spring of 2015!

March 15, 2014: SKINGRAFT Spring/Summer 2014 Now in Store!

From the moment we saw the Skingraft Spring/Summer 2014 collection from New York Fashion Week, we were in love. As the masters of urban street fashion, Skingraft again pulled off an incredible collection, and we have been waiting ever since to get the items in store. And finally, the wait is over! The SS 14 collection brings an incredible array of Skingraft leggings, tees, shirts and shorts. Amongst our favorite are the new mens Skingraft panel shorts! To shop the full collection, simply scroll up and browse. Enjoy!

Feb 11, 2014: SKINGRAFT shows Fall/Winter 2014 at New York Fashion Week

For every young American designer, the dream is to show their collection at New York Fashion week. Tonight it was Skingraft's turn! Hundreds of people flocked to the Lincoln Center to get a first view on Jonny Cota's new Skingraft collection. The designer took inspiration from the idea that sudden climate changes will lead to an inevitable return to a dystopian survivalist culture. As always, Skingraft showed a great variety of fabric and texture combinations, earning them praise from the industry as a whole!

Dec 10, 2013: Snoop Lion wears Skingraft on the cover of LA Weekly

When the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, took the cover of LA Weekly, what else would he wear than Skingraft? The rap superstar teamed up with Dam-Funk for 7 Days of Funk in Jamaica, and LA Weekly covered the story. For the cover shot, Snoop proudly rocked a piece from the Skingraft AW13 collection.

Dec 5, 2013: GQ Magazine Names Skingraft Top 5 in New Menswear Designers

GQ Magazine recently did a write-up of their top picks for new designers changing the scene of American menswear. On this list was Jonny Cota’s Skingraft, being praised for it’s avant-garde use of hard rock and gothic influences in modern menswear.

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