Serendipity – Handmade silver jewelry that tells a story

It is love at first sight – shop at PASAR now the amazing sterling silver jewelry by Serendipity. The silver rings and bracelets by Serendipity are 100 % handmade and the unique jewelry pieces add a touch of glamour to your outfit. This collection of handmade silver jewelry is perfect for women who love to combine modern with classic, sexy with elegant or bold with delicate.

Serendipity creates versatile jewelry somewhere between jungle vibes and city, feminity and unisex appeals. The sterling silver jewelry is inspired by the vibrating fashion scenes of bohemian Bali and urban Berlin. Multidimensionality is the label´s jewelry signature – just like of their wearers. Go on a mission with Serendipity and explore their contemporary silver bracelets and rings at PASAR!  

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Sterling Silver jewelry with elegant simplicity and subtle sexiness

Serendipity silver jewelry is timeless and tells an intriguing fashion story. No matter if it’s the minimalistic silver ring and bracelet styles, or the collection´s statement pieces, they all come with a modern beauty and elegant simplicity. Serendipity rings and bracelets are perfect for special moments and shine without overdrawing.

Handmade jewelry by Serendipity is artful and goes perfectly with classic elegant clothing for the ultimate glamour look. Even so, the modern design of the sterling silver rings and bracelets make them a great upgrade for casual streetwear styles too. Serendipity jewelry is day-to-day subtle sexiness or the perfect elegant finish for the glamour look – whatever you want it to be.

Sterling silver jewelry as the perfect style finish

The beautiful pieces are handmade jewelry crafted from high quality sterling silver and designed for a lifetime. The silver rings and silver bracelets will become the beloved item you won´t leave the house without. Whether the classic sterling silver finger ring or midi finger rings – Serendipity´s sophisticated finger rings are brilliant decorations for your fingers. Chained designs in form of knots or other shapes give them extraordinary smart elegance. The sterling silver bracelets by Serendipity add perfectly to your finger jewelry and accessories. The delicate bracelet designs on your wrist look feminine and precious. The most sophisticated piece of sterling silver jewelry by Serendipity at PASAR is the handmade finger cuffs. 2 rings connected by a chain, the amazingly crafted rings are worn on the base and the tip of the finger – this is jewelry far from ordinary.

Serendipity sterling silver jewelry – two travellers with a passion for fashion

Serendipity is a label for handmade jewelry founded by two creative women. The innovative team is based in Berlin, but all their sterling silver jewelry is produced in Bali. The two Serendipity designers are travellers with a fashion attitude. Moments of freedom, jungle and skyscrapers, nature and street – The German designers and their sterling silver rings and bracelets are by and for fashion victims on a mission. Browse the beautiful collection of handmade jewelry, silver rings and bracelets at PASAR, and shop your timeless jewelry essential.

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