NIKICIO - Timeless Womens Fashion that Lasts for Seasons

NIKICIO creates stunning timeless fashion that is meant to last for seasons. Founder and designer Nina Nikicio doesn’t believe fashion should only be relevant for a season, but wants to create your essential favourites, the pieces that you keep coming back to. She wants her clothing to be adaptable to your style, however it may develop through the years. NIKICIO designs subdued, beautifully designed women’s clothing like long-sleeve tees, skirts, waterproof parkas, and other pieces that are bound to become the centerpieces of your wardrobe. NIKICIO’s women’s fashion is meant to be loved, cared for, and worn for years!

“I want to challenge the notion of a fashion world. No trends. No seasons. No fads. My clothes have to be able to be worn & last forever.” - Nina Nikicio

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Nina Nikicio Sees The Future of Fashion

In contrast to many other designers, and especially young ones, NIKICIO founder Nina Nikicio does not fight to be the current hype. She does not strive to cater to just current needs, but works to create clothing that you’ll love for seasons. The latest trends will soon be forgotten, while NIKICIO’s fashion designs will live on. Nina challenges how the fashion world works, and she does it well. When you buy a dress or a jacket from her collection, you aren’t just getting the perfect garment to wear right now, you are getting something that will last you for seasons.

NIKICIO Taking The Jakarta Fashion World To New Heights

Through her innovation and new thinking, Nina has won a handful awards in the fashion world. She’s been named the “Most Watched Designer of the Year” by Elle Magazine, “Best Asian Designer of the Year” by Tongue in Chic, and won “The Fashion Machine” in Rolling Stone Magazine.

All since the establishment of the fashion line in 2007, NIKICIO has kept pushing forward, always finding new ways to create stunning women’s fashion that will last you a long time. She’s the new generation of Jakartan fashion designers, and is amongst those who dare to think global and dare to think new.

Fashion Design as a mix of New and Classic

One of the things that set NIKICIO’s dresses, t-shirts and women’s jackets apart is the seamless mix of new and classic. The designs represent innovation, while holding on to a timeless feel. They’re a mix between East and West, modern and traditional. All the clothing is designed to last, both in terms of looks and quality!

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