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Shop all the newest styles in womens urban fashion at PASAR.

We've collected all the newest pieces from our designers in one place. Shop dresses, accessories, tops, skirts, and womens t-shirts from designers like KTZ, Nemis Women and NIKICIO.

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New In - Women

All The Newest Womens Streetwear

One of our missions at PASAR is to help you stay ahead of the game, always providing you with the hottest new pieces in womens urban fashion. Our designers keep pushing the bar for womens streetwear, and we’re super stoked to have it all gathered in one place. This section is a collection of the newest womenswear from our designers, ranging from dresses and skirts to womens t-shirts and tops.

Limited Pieces for our Urban Womenswear

The only downside with the womens street fashion at PASAR is that we have limited pieces available. Things sell out quick, so make sure you check back here often. On the plus-side, this also means that when you do get the pieces you want, they are more unique and special. Shop here the newest pieces from designers like KTZ, NIKICIO and Nemis Women, and get something cool and unique.

A Mix of the Newest Womens Clothing and Accessories

When shopping for womens fashion and accessories, it can be hard to get an overview. We’re here doing our best to make it easier for you, by collecting all the newest pieces in one place. Stay on top of this collection, and stay on top of your fashion game!

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