Nemis WomenMixing inspiration from festival-goers and music lovers with urban high-street fashion, Nemis Women packs a strong aesthetic punch. The line is a Korean-Norwegian design collaboration, merging the best of both worlds.

The result is a stunning collection of t-shirt dresses, drop-crotch pants, crop tops and womens shorts, all carrying the strong aesthetics Nemis are known for.


Nemis Women

Nemis Women Streetwear Collection

Womens Urban Streetwear

There are not many designers that are able to create womens streetwear that keeps a classy aesthetics. The womens collection by Nemis is doing just that. You can dress it up by wearing heels and jewelry, or you can keep it cool and casual with a pair of sneakers. Whether it’s for a high-end party, or a casual day in the city, the womens streetwear by Nemis got you covered!

Black and White Womens Fashion

In the past few seasons, Nemis has become known for strong black-and-white contrasts, incorporated through prints and cut-and-sew panels. In this urban streetwear collection for women, the same aesthetics live on. The label’s first full womens line is a perfect combination of silhouettes and prints, making a powerful statement on the high-street. As always, Nemis is designed by-and-for music lovers and party-goers, so the collection works just as well on a night out in the clubs as it does on a day in the city.

Scandinavian Design Meets Korean Streetwear

Nemis Clothing has long been known on the men’s streetwear market, and it was about time the label dropped a womens streetwear line. To make it all happen, Nemis brought in the seasoned Korean designer Kyoung Kim. Kyoung’s understanding for shapes and silhouettes in womens street fashion resulted in a cool and laidback line of womens clothing with the ultimate urban appeal.

The collection of seamlessly combines womens drop-crotch pants with crop tops, shorts and dresses, making a strong statement in the urban fashion world.

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