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Since its beginnings in 2012, streetwear label Nemis Clothing has made a statement with their timeless street fashion collections. Nemis Clothing discards fads and hypes, and focuses on creating high quality timeless pieces that last for seasons. The menswear brand makes urban clothing and club-ready streetwear when you want to look your best. Nemis is dedicated to mens street fashion and designs amazing t-shirts, tanks and more for the movers and shakers. Browse the Nemis mens clothing collection – a design homage to rebels, style and arts from and for the city. Shop the newest Nemis clothes for men at PASAR now. 

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Nemis Clothing

Nemis FW16

Nemis is hip urban mens fashion for the best club-nights

The brand´s mens fashion is inspired by music, from electronic club tunes to the hip hop sounds from the street. On top, the menswear label portrays the playful and fun personalities of their followers – the Nemisers. Guys who have fun, love music and awesome parties will fall for these fresh urban streetwear styles. Nemisers are cool and creative people in urban environments with a great taste in music and fashion. Nemis clothing is a shoutout to the rebel within. If you see a Nemiser in yourself, shop the bold t-shirts and stylish mens clothing at PASAR now.

Eye-catching prints and perfect fits – NEMIS T-shirts for men

The urban clothing label makes a statement for mens fashion showing that masculine style and bold colorful aesthetics go hand in hand. NEMIS constantly pushes the boundaries with t-shirts and tanks with extraordinary prints and eye-catching colors. The signature all-over-prints on its mens clothing, such as the brilliant mondrie design, are recognizable on a glance. However, NEMIS´ highest priority is on great shapes and perfect fits. The designer´s t-shirts and tanks for men are all 100 % handmade and characterized by the use of amazing materials and an emphasis on shape. Browse the labels top mens fashion collection at PASAR and add up to your streetwear style with Nemis´s cool bold t-shirt and tank prints.

Bali colors with Norwegian cool

Born in Bali in 2012 the mens clothing label has become a not-to-be-ignored force in the streetwear scene and the NEMIS assortment has grown since. Besides T-shirts and tanks for men, NEMIS streetwear includes now jackets, sweaters, pants and shorts with the signature eye-catching designs. NEMIS was created by a Norwegian photographer and streetwear designer.

The multi-talented head of NEMIS started off by designing stylish t-shirts for himself. His stylish t-shirt designs caught friends and new fans and the mens fashion line NEMIS was born. Simen Platou´s first mens fashion collection was an instant hit, and was quickly picked up by the urban fashion scene. Since, the Bali based mens streetwear label gained international popularity, and a growing NEMISER community all over the world. His stylish T-shirts and tanks for men are sold internationally and became a fashion essential for the summer loving and fashion conscious men.

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