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Naken the Label - Laidback Menswear

Naken (Swedish for ‘naked’) is a summer-loving label designed to become one with you. Discarding fads or flout fashion, Naken is focusing on the here and now; laid bare with you. Through their handmade mens t-shirts, tank tops and shorts, Naken sets the standard for cool and comfortable summer clothes for men.

The Swedish-Australian design collaboration all comes together in the Bali-based brand. East meets West in a common love for sun and summer!

Naken the Label

Naken The Label

Perfect Mens Summer Fashion

For anyone who loves beach, sun and summer, Naken is the perfect label. Discarding unnecessary hype and fads, the focus of the designers is to create mens summer fashion that becomes one with you. It is kept simple and laid bare, giving off a laidback vibe. Using techniques like screen-printing t-shirts, and sand washing fabrics, Naken’s collection is one of vintage-inspired looks and summer-loving feelings. When you are looking for the perfect mens t-shirts for the summer, Naken The Label is the way to go.

Australian-Scandinavian Design Collaboration

Established in the tropical summer paradise of Bali, Naken is a collaboration between an Australian and a Swedish designer. Combining Scandinavian design with the aesthetics of Australian surf culture, the label signifies the best of two worlds. Add a dash of Bali into the mix, and you have the perfect conditions for a cool and laidback menswear label.

Naken is the Outer Layer You Show The World

With the vision of becoming part of you, Naken seeks to become the outer layer of your being. The layer representing you to the world. With all garments in the collection being handmade, small variations in print and color makes each piece unique, just like you are. Naken is a representation of the person wearing it, becoming a part of his being.

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