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Shop KTZ at PASAR! Kokon to Zai is streetwear for men and women at the couture end of urban fashion. Designed by Marjan Pejoski, KTZ stands for one of the most exotic and renowned high street collections these days, always with a touch of couture. A mix between tribal and ethno patterns, high fashion elements meeting a bit of grunge and the spirit of the travellers – to name only some backdrops of KTZ styles. KTZ´s eclectic streetwear resembles runway couture but is made for and drawn from the street.

"I adore couture, but at the same time, the street is the platform. It's all about the mix.” – Marjan Pejoski 

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Tattoo Towelling Hoodie and Pants by KTZ

Travel inspired: Hybrid urban fashion by KTZ

The label’s extraordinary clothing designs really don´t fit in a single shelf. KTZ streetwear combines and embraces inspiration from the designers’ travels. For KTZ, globalism is a given: Their men´s and women´s clothing designs are lingering styles from different cultures, nomad tribal patterns, indigenous shades, north African symbology and Islamic mosaics balanced with urban street trends. Traditional ethnic fabrics combined with tech details, heavy metal accessories, oversized shapes, and military inflections turn men and women into KTZ street warriors. The result is unique hybrid streetwear for the stylish city tribes with a couture disposition.

KTZ´s clothing is high end design to lift your streetwear line-up

KTZ´s one-of-a-kind designs celebrate multiculturalism in menswear and women’s clothing yet referencing city styles. Their streetwear designs bring urban fashion to the next level. The skilled designers have with KTZ become a huge hit in the urban fashion and couture community. Now KTZ counts names like Rihanna, A$AP Rocky and Kanye West to their long list of celebrity clients. KTZ´s incredible runway shows are narrative outstanding events where style icons, celebrities and fashion buyers are a given.

East meets west and London meets Bali

Kokon to Zai is Japanese for “east meets west”. The name of the couture-twisted streetwear brand reflects perfectly KTZ´s clothing signature, inspired by styles and cultures from all over the globe. Born in 1996 in the vibrant Soho district in London, KTZ has now ateliers and creative getaways in fashionable metropolitan Paris and the laidback Indie-island Bali too.

The first Kokon Tozai store was meant to be the creative space for artists bridging between music and fashion, started by former DJ Sasko Bezovski. Later in 2003 the KTZ clothing line was launched together with Sako’s partner, couture designer Marjan Pejoski. KTZ has come a long way since then, and is now on the forefront of groundbreaking high end street fashion. Shop online at PASAR our favorite KTZ findings in urban menswear and women´s clothing.

June 16: KTZ Mens Spring/Summer 2015 in London

KTZ have long been known for creating urban fashion for street warriors, and the KTZ Mens SS15 show at LCM in London manifests exactly that. Designer Marjan Pejoski is comparing the battles of the technology-infused modern urban warrior with those of the Ancient Greek warriors. The KTZ SS15 collection is bold and strong (as always), introducing orange/black combinations into the repertoire. As always with KTZ, we also saw a lot of strong black/white contrasts, and extensive use of symbolism in the mens SS15 collection. We're super stoked to have a look at each individual piece when time comes!

Jan 8: KTZ AW14 Menswear in London

As always, KTZ delivered the goods at their Menswear AW14 show in London. With a collection heavily influenced by oriental cultures of the East, KTZ banged out one of their best collections to date. Marjan Pejoski described the KTZ collection as "Spiritual and secular, something old and something modern.".

Oversized cuts, large symbol prints and crazy accessories, it's all part of the KTZ image. See the rest of the outfits from the sho in our KTZ Pinterest Board.

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