Johnny Ramli - Handmade Silver Jewelry

Johnny Ramli’s handmade jewelry has become a huge hit in the international fashion arena and everyone with a sense for style will have a soft spot for it. The timeless gold and silver necklaces, earrings and bracelets are now favorite accessories amongst travelling fashionables, designers and stylists all over the world.

His gold and silver pieces are loved for their rocking charm. Johnny Ramli´s handmade rustic metalwork combined with the signature religious twist channels some slight rock music vibes. 


Johnny Ramli

Johnny Ramli

Johnny Ramli's Pure Design With a Hint of Vintage

Johnny Ramli accessories are all handmade detailed pieces using Christian symbols, ethereal icons, crosses and antique coins. He masters in perfection the contrast between Asian refined design, spiritual influence and western fashion. His gold and silver jewelry has a slightly nostalgic touch, and it is being worn by style icons like Brad Pitt and Michelle Gonzalez. Johnny Ramli’s vintage gold and silver jewelry creations have a unique contemporary appeal – for men and women likewise.

Religion goes Rock with Johnny Ramli jewelry

Johnny Ramli has managed to give his religious statement-pieces a darker twist. Oxidized silver, gold and copper plated materials give his handmade designs this classic-edgy look he is know for. Browse at PASAR through the amazing range of women’s and men’s jewelry with the desirable aesthetics between delicacy and statement-making.

Choose from stylish rusty bracelets and necklaces with twisted chains, antique metal coins and beautifully crafted metal pendants. The PASAR accessory selection includes as well amazing Johnny Ramli pieces sculpted from precious stones, black bone, and horn. Check out the “AVA Necklace” with the beautiful large wing pendant, or his other pieces with several small skull and wing pendants.

Johnny Ramli – conquering the global fashion scene

In 2006 Johnny Ramli’s gold and silver jewelry were setting foot in the international fashion pit. The indonesian-chinese passionate designer and his creative team are based on the Indonesian island Bali, where he draws his mystical inspiration for his accessory designs.

The acclaimed fashion accessories designer Johnny Ramli has always been truly committed to the art of jewelry and accessory design. To date the label is sold in 12 different countries and fashion capitals, from New York to London, Paris, Tokyo and Amsterdam. PASAR selected for you our favorites items, and the internationally most popular handmade pieces. Browse Johnny Ramli´s gold and silver jewelry now!

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