House of Malakai – next level fashion hat design

Shop HOM at PASAR! There is nothing like a fly hat to give personality to your looks! House of Malakai aka HoM is one of the most eclectic hat designers out there. The HoM hat creations are without doubt beautiful, far from plain and slightly eccentric. Malakai´s trucker hats and leather headwear are truly extraordinary and come with a luxe couture drift that adds to your style.

The wicked House of Malakai trucker hats and spike hat have become an indispensible essential in celebrity wardrobes, the studded leather hats have been spotted on Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicky Minaj and CL. Get the groundbreaking HoM leather and trucker hats now for your own wardrobe!


Malakai HOM

House of Malakai is the celebrity favorite

HoM´s revolutionary leather hats and banging trucker hats rock the streets with underground inspired artistic luxe. Malakai Hom, the multi-talented artist behind the couture headwear label, designs handmade leather hats beyond common trends. His creations incorporate visibly his urban background and vision – HoM hats are avant garde pieces of art with a casual street appeal.

HoM´s ready-to-wear hat designs with a couture twist

Malakai Hom´s craftworks balance perfectly between ancient tribal culture designs and cutting edge technologies; high fashion meets sporty cool. After years of bespoke high fashion creations, House of Malakai designed now the very first ready-to-wear collection of leather and trucker hats, still with adorable advanced couture details and casual appearance. HoM´s Heliolatry collection does what the name says: Leather headwear inspired by and worshipping the sun. Have a look now at the range of ethereal House of Malakai leather and trucker hats at PASAR.

Choose your HoM hat personality - Nostalgy meets studded leather

At PASAR we chose our favorite leather and trucker hats out of the latest Heliolatry collection by House of Malakai. HoM leather hats and trucker hats are outrageous and embellished by ethereal and “heliotric” details. Ray cutouts, silver or gold studs and golden chain fringes add luxury to the casual sporty hats designs. Red, white and black quality leather fabric dominate the outstanding headwear collection. Malakai´s leather and trucker hats are creatively hand crafted using a variety of materials and techniques. Precious stones, hand stitching, and three-dimensional structures bring Malakai Hom´s hats to the progressive level in casual headwear design.

Malakai – a multi-talent rising from the underground

House of Malakai was founded in 2011 by multi-disciplinary artist Malakai Hom. The talented artist roots in Oakland, California. He started his career as an underground performance artist and avant garde costume designer, which inspires his designs to date. The self-taught hat designer has been creating couture fashion, jewelry and decor since 1999, over the time drifting increasingly into the artistic, styling and high end fashion direction. The headwear label House of Malakai was born as a channel for his creativity and a link to his couture and fashion loving broad audience. Today he operates from HoM´s Bali based atelier. Browse his leather and trucker hats at PASAR now, the styling possibilities are endless.

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