FRANKSLAND – Mens Beachwear for Summer-Lovers

FRANKSLAND by Franklin Firdaus is celebrated for its trendy summer clothes, comfortable urban fashion, and luxury one-size beachwear. The mens beachwear label FRANKSLAND is the colorful but elegant clothing brand for the trendy beach-goers and the summer-loving city crowds.

The Bali based beachwear label creates innovative and vibrant one-size summer outfits for your wardrobe: Stylish and elegant T-Shirts, practical accessories and urban summer fashion for less. FRANKSLAND beachwear and accessories are renown for their simplicity, yet the designers around Franklin Firdaus have an eye for sophisticated details, giving every piece in the collection its unique touch. FRANKSLAND products promise affordable luxury so that even fashionistas on a budget don’t need to go without high quality and timeless fits.


FRANKSLAND Grey Anchor Tee

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Shop here for the latest trends and premium choices of FRANKSLAND one-size beachwear and summer fashion for men and women. Wild wolf prints, elegant uni color t-shirts and tanks, or practical beach bags and backpacks – PASAR has the wide range of FRANKSLAND must-haves for you.

Freshen-up your summer wardrobe with classic trends like houndstooth-patterned shorts and uni-color t-shirts that impress with simplicity. Funky color-block t-shirts and singlets give an impossible-to-ignore appearance on the beach or in the city. Go nautical with your wardrobe with anchor print sarongs and a choice of different anchor print t-shirts.

Unisex shapes and one-size cuts are FRANKSLANDs trademark

FRANKSLAND’s signature is their shapes and silhouettes for great fitting unisex clothing and beachwear. The designs distinguish themselves with quality one-size clothing cuts that play up to all body types. The brand works with the latest trendy fabrics, and it creatively mixes and matches materials. Pure and rich colors mixed up with traditional pale and pastel colors give a pulsating summer feeling. Top-ups with shiny sequins and energetic prints appeal to beachwear fashionistas on the hunt for the latest trends.

FRANKSLAND by Franklin Firdaus

The unisex beachwear label is based in Bali – on the beautiful island of the gods. Franklin Firdaus started originally as a design company for jewelry in 2002. Later, the clothing line separated from the jewelry line, becoming FRANKSLAND and Selene. All accessories and looks designed by the creative team are unique, one-sized and come with a touch of the island flair – this identity sets the FRANKSLAND designs apart.

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