EGR – glam-streetwear fashion inspired by Mexican pop culture 

EGR by Enrique González is one of the most creative brands in the high-end sector of urban fashion clothing. Mexican designer Enrique Gonzalez has an artistic talent bridging glamorous streetwear, wearable high-end fashion and Mexican inspired styles. The exciting outcome of this creative fusion is amazing men’s and women’s clothing which mixes up glam with pop, military and ethno styles and everything in between. 

EGR has found its own highly covetable fashion niche and makes way for popping radiant print trends, like the must-have limited edition skull prints. The signature camouflage flower print pieces are to date a raving success on PASAR.  Get next season´s key trends by EGR at PASAR now.


EGR by Enrique Gonzalez

Sophisticated prints and texture mixes – diverse perfection by Enrique González

EGR has an extraordinary talent to combine extremely diverse style directions by unexpected pattern mixes. Traditional Mexican and untraditional designs meet diverse textures. The result is colorful clothing creations for men and women, often with comfortable high quality rayon fabrics. EGR pieces cover a wide range of shirts, t-shirts, tanks and pants. Enrique Gonzalez’s cuts stand out due to excellent fits, great details on proportions and a showcase of brilliant color combinations. While previous collections have played with glam and gothic mash-ups in dark colors, EGRs latest fashion collection goes a brilliant way with colorful skull motifs and a surprising military mix-up. The Aztec print sarong is a must-have accessory in your wardrobe. Find the most popular selected tanks, shirts and t-shirts with signature EGR skull prints at PASAR now.

Spotted: Talent hailing from Mexico – EGR by Enrique Gonzalez

The streetwear and urban fashion label EGR was established in 2005. Mexican born but with an international mission, this is what the urban clothing line stands for. Enrique Gonzalez, designer, stylist and gifted talent, is the founder of EGR and looks back on a decade of design experience. The unique streetwear niche covered by the brand symbolizes Mexican fashion past and future likewise. With Enrique Gonzalez’s urban clothing styles with the traditional Mexican twist, you´ll make impact on the street or in the club. Get the latest streetwear fashion with EGR!

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