Dystopia - Dark Men's and Women's Streetwear  

Dystopia is an independent street fashion label from Barcelona, created by urban artist HoneyKill. Highly inspired by Asian symbolism and religious iconography, Dystopia’s collection is characterized by bold prints and strong contrasts. Designing both men’s and women’s streetwear, Dystopia is set to put their mark on the urban fashion scene with their oversized tees, bandana scarves, kimonos and women’s tops!

Dystopia Streetwear


Streetwear Label Dystopia is the New Black

The urban fashion collection by streetwear label Dystopia is based on the absence of color, using black as the base for the collection. The intention is to gather the diversity of cultures into one, representing all and none at the same time. The designer aims to create pieces that stay relevant for seasons, making sure each product packs the visual punch to stay alive for a long time.

Through the slogan “…Is the new black”, Dystopia creates women’s and men’s street fashion with high contrasts between black base and white prints.

Quality Through Small Scale Production

Dystopia emphasizes the important of small-scale production to ensure exceptional quality. Distancing themselves from mass production, Dystopia works closely with Balinese artisans to get a personal touch on each product. Using soft and solid fabrics in combination with slick designs, the independent streetwear label is able to ensure high quality on everything they do.

Eclectic Iconography by Urban Artist HoneyKill

Carrying a big influence from world religions, symbolism and astrology, urban artist HoneyKill has put together an eclectic collection of dark streetwear. The street artist from Barcelona, started out with graffiti, and ended up in illustration and design. Following her inspiration from a previous art series, Honey created Dystopia in 2014.

With a strong brand identity, easily recognizable in her designs, HoneyKill has set the stage for a label that we are super excited to see grow, and that we are proud to call a part of the PASAR family!

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