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Adopt a Best Friend – Blamo Toys Will Change Your Life

Blamo World is a place without stress and worry. It’s a place for fun and adventure, a place for innovation. Blamo Toys® is the creation of San Francisco-based artist Spencer Hansen. Through close cooperation with Balinese craftsmen, Spencer has created the ultimate in collectable designer toys.

Blamo Toys are visually exciting, beautifully handcrafted, and they all come with their own stories and personalities.

When you adopt a Blamo creature, your home will never be the same. (Disclaimer: please note that Blamo Toys might lead to a fun, carefree and adventurous lifestyle).

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Blamo Toys

Blamo Toys Bandit

Blamo Toys are A Collector’s Dream

Besides the incredible designs that characterize Blamo Toys, the first thing that struck us was the personalities of the population in Blamo World. It spans from the cool and laidback O.G. Ludovico, to the sneaky Bandit, and the somewhat needy Billy. Their personalities are etched on their faces and showed in their style and postures. Rice Baby has an unknown past, but has emerged as a DJ, Spiritual leader, and model. He is known to be the keeper of secrets, and is the protective servant of whoever owns him.

Handmade Designer Toys

When artist and designer Spencer Hansen came to the island of Bali, he met Komang Sujendra at the Satana Gallery. Komang is a talented artist who learned his trade from his uncle, and he has been making art for over 10 years. Komang is the one carving the faces of the Blamo Toys, using his skill and precision to achieve the expressions the designer toys have come to be loved for.

Collectable Designer Toys From Blamo Will Transform Your Home

A creature from the Blamo World must be adopted with the outmost care. They have the ability to bring life and carefreeness into you home, something that is very rare in our day of age. You might experience a lighter mood, a more creative mindset, and stress-free life, knowing that a Blamo Toy is watching over you. But please don’t be scared, this is perfectly normal. It is all a part of the adoption process. Give it some time, let your new best friend adapt, and your life will never be the same.

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