Beneath The Roses - Handmade Jewelry

Beneath the Roses is one of our favorite upcoming jewelry designers. The name is based on the ancient Latin phrase “sub rosa”, which stands for matters of secrecy. Beneath the Roses jewelry reflects the deeper secrets that sometimes hides behind the obvious pure and pristine things. Their pieces all embody a special meaning and deeper symbolic character, which is sometimes not visible on first sight. Every piece is handmade. Rihanna and Daft Punk are amongst those who have discovered the labels brilliant aesthetics, and wore it with pride. Beneath the Roses creates the perfect finish for your outfit, with an ancient handmade touch in white brass.

We (...) want our jewellery to be accessible to all who can relate to what we represent, irrespective of age, sex or personal wealth.“


Beneath The Roses

Beneath the Roses pieces are beautifully crafted designs with personality representing a hidden dark side. Its necklaces, bracelets and earrings stand out with a subtle rough character and a touch of darkness. Beneath the Roses jewelry features ancient Egyptian symbols, anchors, crosses, old nails, big bolts and further rough elements. The label combines these elements in a surprising and perfect way for this symbolic meaning “beneath” the immaculate.

The devil is in the detail – nail down Beneath the Roses jewelry

The Beneath the Roses signature designs are completed by high quality textures. At PASAR we selected our favorite and most popular Beneath the Roses necklaces, bracelets and earrings for rakish men and women. Choose between a wide range of handmade white brass necklaces, bracelets and earrings, in the shape of big bones, bolts, old keys, spikes and bent nails. Refined and brushed textures supported by black and white silver finishes give the characteristic metal items a new and desirable look. Beneath the Roses adds symbology to their brass jewelry by working with things like Egyptian pictograms, peace pendants, anchor elements, paper clips and other elements. Some pieces win especially due to their simplicity, like the beautiful brass 3x3 circle ring with black silver finish.

Beneath the Roses is the creation of Sydney based jewelry designer Arthur Sikiotis. The gifted design talent has been featured in many international fashion magazins, like Hapers Bazaar and Vogue. The Australian jewelry designer will certainly no longer be a kept secret “beneath” the fashion curtain. His fascinating handmade brass jewelry creations in nail shapes have been discovered by international style icons and celebrities, like Rihanna, Kings of Leon, Daft Punk, Band of Horses, Sigur Ros, The Gossip and the Prodigy to name a few. Add Beneath the Roses to your style now and show your hidden dark side with this individual jewelry designer.

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