Bleach Project AW15: The Smoking Gun

Posted: Mar 31 2015

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50's Rock meets 90's Grunge

(Photos by Simen Platou)

When Bleach Project designer Yasir Bawazier set out to create his label’s Fall Winter 2015 collection, he looked back at a half-century of rock n roll influence. In this collection, 50’s rock n roll is mashed up with 90’s grunge, creating what Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley would wear if they ever met up to jam.

Compared to the urban fashion brand’s previous collections, the designer is taking a slightly further step away from the oversized and laidback look that he is known for. The wearable, sporty DNA is still there, but the Autumn Winter 2015 collection includes more tailored pieces.

The collection still gives a feeling of East-meets-West, making things stylish while still keeping them comfy. The designer has always been about making fashion wearable, something that is still alive in this collection. He has an own ability to push the line between comfy and stylish, which is one of the many reasons Bleach Project has become as popular as it is.

Oversized meets tailored

The stylish rockers in the 50’s sported their slim and stylish silhouettes, giving visibility to extreme leg movements and tough attitudes. When the 90’s rockers took on their grungy style, it was more about oversized shapes and slouchy looks. When Bleach puts out their AW15 collection, it takes the best from both worlds.

Bawazier remembers a time before smartphones and Internet. A time where we paid attention. A time where one point of stimuli was enough. A time where MTV played music videos (yeah, Music TV actually had music on it!).

This autumn winter collection gives homage to good days of quirky sitcoms, grungy music videos, and stylish rockers!

The collection will be available at PASAR in the early fall of 2015.

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