KTZ Autumn Winter 15 at London Collections: Men AW15

Posted: Jan 14 2015

(all images by IDOL Magazine) 

Two worlds approach each other, collide, and somehow seamlessly merge in KTZ Mens AW15 Collection. Designed by Marjan Pejoski, the collection represents a strong storyline, transcended through a show at London Collections: Men AW15 that turned heads and got praised to the sky.

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British Villains and Inuit People

On one hand, we have the stylish British villain, portrayed through sharp tailoring with a modern edge. Think A Clockwork Orange, with influence from the tall, skinny super-villains we love to hate. By merging classic shapes of English tailoring with the diverse material-use of KTZ, the collection appears as modern as it is classic (it’s not a paradox, it’s a synergetic merger!).

On the other, we have a line strongly influenced by the Inuit People, showcasing fur framed parkas that look ready to take you to the poles and back. As always, the designer is playing with the highest quality materials available, resulting in some head-turning long coats and high-end winter gear.

High-End Material Mix

With their Autum/Winter 2015 collection, KTZ showcased yet another display of high-end material mixes. We saw elements of leather, rubber and fur, and some strong combinations of them all. With the high-contrast black and white patterns the label has been known and loved for, the identity of the brand lives on through the AW15 collection.

The collection is inspired by a daydreaming journey of a not-so-gentle man, sent on a mandatory journey to explore the aurora borealis and meet the Inuit People. Pejoski wants ut to “Look Inside Out, Look Outside In, Living, Seeing All, Survival, Transformation. He further lists his inspirations for the collection as “A Clockwork Orange, Alex, English Villain, Taking Pleasure, Personal Amusement, Taking Innocence from Others, Black Runner, Leather, Zip it Up.

It will be interesting to see how this collection will transform into ready-to-wear pieces.


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