An Inside Look at Beneath The Roses' Studio

Posted: Nov 02 2014

(Photos by Steffi Victorioso)

As one of the charter members of the PASAR family, jewelry label Beneath The Roses has been with us from day one. Since then, it has become one of the most popular jewelry brands, if not to say one of the most popular brands overall. This is much due to designer Arthur Sikiotis’ signature look of darkness-brought-to-light. Last month, Bali based I Magazine made a visit to Sikiotis’ studio, giving behind-the-scenes access to his design-process.

The jewelry from BTR always plays with the dark side of nature, using real elements of bone, skulls, nails and screws to create stunning bracelets, rings and necklaces. All the pieces are made with handcrafted molds from real-life items, collected by Sikiotis and kept in his studio. While other people would discard things like dead claws and bones, Sikiotis see the beauty in them, using them to their full potential.

Arthur’s studio is full of elements he has collected and is using to create new stunning jewelry. There’s raven claws, used to create the stunning Raven Claw Neacklace, bones to create the Big Bone Bracelet, and other elements that has been taken from darkness to light through Beneath The Roses’ design process.

 Beneath The Roses Raven Claw Necklace

Raven Claw Necklace

Beneath The Roses Big Bone Bracelet

Big Bone Bracelet

In addition to all the elements used as molds for the jewelry, Sikiotis’ studio also contain elements that seem to be there to set the creative sphere necessary in the design process. It’s always important for a designer to set the right mood and atmosphere for creation, and Arthur definitely seems to have found his element.

BTR has a special knack for seeing beauty in darkness, and use it for their advantage. This taxidermied raven rests on a vintage record player in the study.

This glass contains skulls and bones from monkeys, and is being used to create beautiful bracelets and pendants.

It’s safe to say that the essence of Beneath The Roses is evident in the label’s workplace. To see beauty in darkness is something truly special, and no one does it better than Arthur Sikiotis!

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