Bleach SS 15 Lookbook: #INSTALOVE

Posted: Nov 04 2014

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A strong visual DNA and a skillful background have made Bleach Project become one of the star labels at PASAR. It’s the story of the underdog, a label starting small, fighting its way with strong designs, innovation, and high quality, giving the bigger brands a run for their money.

The label’s designer, Yasir Bawazier spent on the upside of 10 years working for various international labels before he stepped up to the task of running his own label in 2013. 

While currently being in its 2nd collection, and doing better than ever, Bleach Project presents another stunning collection for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 season. The collection, titled #INSTALOVE, takes a deep-dive into our time of self-realization through social media. With a self-justification through likes, retweets, followers, reblogs and hashtags, the youth generation are living a digital reality.

Streetwear for the Young and Vibrant

The collection is rooted in an idea of being young, healthy and vibrant. It carries on the label’s sporty vibes, encompassing cuts and shapes known from cycling, boxing, basketball and hockey. Still, the sporty inspirations don’t become overpowering, as Bawazier merges it all into a strong urban feel. Sports-inspired streetwear has been on trend for a while, and this collection pushes it on to the next level.

Despite bringing the sports to street level, the designer still holds on some of the best things about sportswear: flexibility in movement and durability for use in everyday life.

Said in designer Bawazier’s own words: “This collection can be worn to go out clubbing at night, to work in the morning, functions, play basketball, yoga, the gym, etc. it’s a collection for everyone at every occasion.”

With the elements of style, comfort, and quality all in check, we’re in no doubt this collection will receive the #Instalove it deserves!

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