Quick Questions with the LMT Founders

Posted: Oct 14 2014

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Jakarta-based streetwear label LMT have quickly gained a following, in Indonesia as well as worldwide. We sat down with the three owners and founders to soot some quick questions and find out a bit more about the label.

Name(s)? Dhany Indra, Tarra Budiman, Kay Tadjoedin.

Where are you from? JAKARTA

What is your fashion background? University of Webelieveinourtaste

What made you want to start a clothing line? It was started from the bottom of our narcissistic heart really. And how hard it is to find a brand that is desirable to our taste.

When did you start LMT? Around a year a go, in 2013.

How would you describe the brand? It is all about The Limit, both pragmatic and dramatic. We put forward a collection for those who like to stay in their limits and for those who break ‘em. You can be both, we’re not judging.

What clothing items do you make? Tshirt and shorts? We are releasing T-Shirt & Shorts as signature looks in our pilot collection, World Pissed.

Why do you use an oversized silhouette? We feel oversized fits anyone with any kind of personality.

What kind of fabrics do you use? Cotton

Why only black and white? Best (non-)Colors in The World.

Where does the design inspiration come from? Most of the times it comes from moments we spend together talking about the world and what not.

Who are the clothes for? Men, women, youth or older, Indonesian or international, EVERYONE

What are your favorite brands? KTZ, Opening Ceremony, Danjyo Hiyoji, Rick Owens.

Where do you produce? Bali and Jakarta

What makes LMT special and different from other brands? We are not gonna compare our brand with another because lets face it, no one likes to be compared. But we always strive to put quality above all in each & every piece of our collections.


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