Men’s Urban Clothing Wardrobe Essentials

Posted: Aug 06 2014

Urban Clothing Essentials

Men’s urban clothing has made a huge comeback in the past year. The famous 90s men’s urban fashion has seen its revival, and now it’s even bigger than ever. Urban fashion labels like KTZ and Skingraft that were once seen as underground are now considered high fashion and have taken over the runways all over the world.

Now that men’s urban clothing is so popular, it’s gone past trendy and has become its own separate style of menswear. There are certain things that can make an outfit look urban. Urban clothing items are usually oversized, athletic, comfortable, but edgy. Here are the essentials for a men’s urban clothing wardrobe.

Baseball Cap

This is the one accessory you’ll need for a men’s urban clothing wardrobe. Baseball caps never go out of style. You can wear a baseball cap with almost any outfit to give it that urban fashion look.

 EGR Baseball Cap

EGR Logo Cap Black on Black

This Is A Love Song Cap

This Is A Love Song Leather Snapback

Long T-Shirts

Those big oversized t-shirts of the old urban fashion have now evolved into fitted long t-shirts. They create a nice shape, are great for layering, and can carry a whole outfit. 

 Nemis Long Logo Tee

Nemis Long Logo Tee White

Nemis Long Logo Tee Black

Nemis Long Logo Tee Black

Athletic Shorts

Not exactly the shorts you would wear to the gym, but these athletic shorts take their inspiration from sportswear, and are a great option for an urban fashion look for warmer weather. Today’s urban fashion calls for structured athletic shorts with nice detailing like pockets, zippers, and panels.

 Bleach Basketball Shorts

Bleach Basketball Shorts

APRIY Black Shorts

APRIY Black Shorts


A hoodie is a classic item in urban fashion. This men’s urban clothing staple is something that can be worn every day. If you want a toned down look, go with a plain solid color. Or go bold with crazy prints and shapes.

APRIY Long HoodieAPRIY Long Hoodie


SKINGRAFT Hooded Jersey Black


Drop Crotch Trousers

Big baggy pants used to be the classic men’s urban clothing item. Now the urban fashion is the drop crotch trouser. It’s baggy but fitted at the same time, so it doesn’t look sloppy. 

 Nemis Stickman Pants

Nemis Stickman Pants

SKINGRAFT Draped Jersey pants

Of course you don’t have to wear all these men’s urban clothing items together. Urban fashion is very versatile, so you can mix and match with different items in your wardrobe!

(Written by SPLATOU)

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