KTZ Spring Summer 2015 Collection by Marjan Pejoski

Posted on July 03 2014

Channeling both ancient gladiator and Mike Tyson, Marjan Pejoski’s KTZ Spring Summer 2015 collection was every bit ancient as it was modern. Designer Pejoski said in the press release for KTZ Spring Summer 2015, "It ain't easy ducking and diving all the stuff that's thrown at you on a daily basis. Like Perseus fighting the Minotaur, today's urban warriors are armed with technology and their battlefield is the street.” Marjan Pejoski dedicated this menswear collection to the Urban Warrior.

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KTZ Menswear SS 15

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 The streetwear trend that KTZ menswear is famously known for has progressed into a sportswear trend for SS 15. Mixing oversized athletic cuts with ancient Greek patterns puts this wearable sportswear of KTZ Spring Summer 2015 into a high fashion realm.

Marjan Pejoski’s Urban Warrior theme for Spring Summer 2015 collection doesn’t disappoint die-hard KTZ menswear fans. The spring summer collection has all the urban, athletic shapes we’ve come to know and love. But the collection introduces new color, new patterns, and new textures to designer’s aesthetics, further widening the eccentric label’s creative horizon.

KTZ Mens Spring Summer 2015

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While the color palette of KTZ menswear usually doesn’t change much (black and white), the prints make the look exquisitely bold. With a splash of orange in SS 15, KTZ added color to its usual black and white. KTZ Spring Summer 2015 combined Greek references with its normal tribal patterns. Sequins, mesh, and crocodile skin provided some texture and shine to the menswear collection while still maintaining a very masculine look. The warriors are tough, manly, and ready for battle.

KTZ Spring Summer 2015 is the new status of menswear. It is daring with prints, textures and fabrics while maintaining a very masculine and urban aesthetic. The collection stays true to the brand’s signature fashion of heavy patterns and embroidery on boxy, oversized shapes. Still, the KTZ SS 15 successfully added elements of color and texture — probably the only way Marjan Pejoski could step outside of the wildly creative box he’s made for himself. 

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