The Best Mens Beachwear - Get Ready For The Sun

Posted on June 20 2014

Nothing beats summertime, and for those of you who’re in the Northern Hemisphere (sorry, Aussies), it is time for summer, beaches and vacation time. We always get a lot of requests about the best beachwear, and especially when it comes to mens beachwear. So we’ve comprised some of our favorite beachwear tips here, to get you up and running and ready for those sunny days! 

#1 Beachwear essential – sunglasses

I guess we’ll start at the top and work our way down, as there’s nothing more important on the beach than the perfect pair of sunnies! You might throw of your shirt and your shoes, but the sunglasses will stay on.

A really interesting sunglasses collection this year is Suki Wooden Sunglasses. The brand, which is only a bit over a year old, has quickly become immensely popular. The popularity is much due to their consideration of the environment with their sustainable production, their promotion of a life in the sun, and the cool and laidback feel of the sunnies range. Start of your beachwear shopping with a look at Suki Sunglasses.

Suki Sunnies is a big hit with the surfers in Bali

On the more fashion side of sunglasses, we find SUNDAY SOMEWHERE. The Australian sunnies brand creates amazingly designed, top quality sunglasses that always stand out in the masses. At every pool party or beach day where we rock the SUNDAY SOMEWHERE sunnies, there are always endless praise and positive comments on them. For a high-end start to your beachwear collection, check out SUNDAY SOMEWHERE.

Top your beachwear of with sunglasses!

Matahari Sunnies by SUNDAY SOMEWHERE

The Perfect Beach Tank

Some days, it’s is simply too hot to wear more clothes than absolutely necessary. Hence, an awesome beach tank is a great way to solve this issue. Airy and comfortable, without getting sticky and annoying from sunscreen and seasalt!

Another great thing about singlets is that they’re great to combine with other mens beachwear items. A colorful singlet, like the Duo Geo Tank by Nemis featured under, will help putting the extra pop in your beachwear outfit.

Nemis Mens Beachwear

Duo Geo Tank by Nemis Clothing

Australian label Fin follows the idiom “Everything is going to be amazing” and worships those amazing days in the sun. They have created some of the best and most popular beach tanks we’ve ever had on PASAR, including the ones featured here. Make sure you check out the rest of the Fin collection as well!

Fin Beach Tanks

Fin's awesome beachwear tanks

Swimmers – The Epiphany of Mens Beachwear

I said further up that sunglasses are the most important items in mens beachwear, but you don’t get very far without a good pair of swimmers. We’re big fans of the swimmers by Bleach Project, a label that normally does sporty street fashion. The Classic running shorts under give a kick back to the 80s, with the shorter length and strong colors. The Black Swimmers are simple, classic, and very easy to combine with your favorite beach tank!

Bleach beach shorts

Shop the cool beach shorts by Bleach Project

Hopefully this summer will be a long-lasting one, with hot sunny days at the beach and great hangouts at night. Make sure you’re prepared with the mens beachwear essentials we’ve showed you here!

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