How to nail Mens Street Fashion – Long Tees and Oversized Clothes

Posted on April 30 2014

The past few years, streetwear has made an interesting transformation towards fashion, merging into something better described as street fashion. Just a few days ago, Complex magazine wrote about how streetwear went from being “a movement” to “a trend”.

Not too long ago, streetwear was dominated by plain logo tees, logo hats, and maybe a (logo) jacket here and there. Now, the streetwear scene seems to be looking past just labels, and an emphasis on fit, shape, and layering outfits has taken over.

We’re breaking down the new street fashion for you, and show you how to dress the part!

Layering Outfits

Layering in Street fashion

Most probably the biggest (and coolest) street fashion trend is the use of extensive layering. Throw in 2-3 layers, and keep them at different lengths to get the perfect effect. To be able to do this, you need some oversized long t-shirts. It’s impossible to talk about this look without mentioning Skingraft. The LA-based label have pioneered this look for years, and are always innovative in their approach to streetwear, nailing their designs for long t-shirts.

The Skingraft Varsity Collared Shirt in Grey is an excellent piece to start an outfit with. It works amazing on its own, and it’s long enough to pull off some dope layering.

The Sleeveless Hoodie T-Shirt is more basic in its approach, but uses the long streetwear t-shirt aesthetic that is perfect for effortless street fashion outfits. The third item, the Hooded Jersey Black is a classic, and one of the bestselling long jerseys we’ve ever had on PASAR.


Shop Skingraft Varsity Collared Shirt - $139

Shop Skingraft Sleeveless Hoodie T-shirt - $109

Shop Skingraft Hooded Jersey in Black - $135

Another brand that is really paving its way in the street fashion scene is APRIY. The Dutch designer has a big talent for creating great shapes, and he nails the long t-shirt streetwear trend in the items under. The white and the black long tees are fitted, with scoop necks and semi-long sleeves. The middle one, the Long Sleeved Green Tee is super dope to wear under a short-sleeve t-shirt. Make sure you check out the full APRIY collection here.

 Long white streetwear tee

Shop APRIY Fine White Tee - $55

Long sleeved streetwear tee

Shop APRIY Long sleeved Tee - $55

Shop APRIY Fine White Tee - $55

Drop Crotch and Longer Shorts

Street fashion outfits with drop crotch shorts

For the longest time we were all about skinny jeans and short shorts. The past few years, the crotches have dropped, the legs have loosened up, and the shorts have grown long. As with the long streetwear t-shirts, you can also do a lot of layering when it comes to shorts (as in the pics above).

Start with a pair of loose shorts, preferably black, white, or grey, and work from there. Here are our top picks for wider shorts following the street fashion aesthetics:


Shop Skingraft Drop Crotch Shorts Black - $139

Shop APRIY Green Shorts - $59

Shop APRIY Black Shorts - $59

Panel Shorts

Panel Streetwear Shorts

If you want to take the layering a step further, get yourself some panel shorts. They add that extra depth to the outfit, and make it stand out. The absolute coolest paneled shorts on the market are (of course) made by Skingraft.

 Shop Skingraft Shorts

Shop Skingraft Panel Shorts in Black/White - $215

Shop Skingraft Shorts Yellow

Shop Skingraft Panel Short in Black/Yellow - $215

Skingraft Panel Pants

Shop Skingraft Panel Pants in Black - $265

Sophisticated Prints

Compared to the traditional logo prints in streetwear, today’s designers have come a long way. We see a lot of digital prints with amazing artwork, used all-over and in panels.

On the pic under you see APRIY’s use of the same Medusa print on a tee and a jacket. They work amazing together and give the items that extra pop. Shop them both here.

APRIY Printed Jacket and Tee

 Also check out the amazing Madonna Print:

Digitally printed street fashion t-shirt

A lot has happened from box logo tees to what we’ve shown here. It’s a development for the better, and these are great times to follow street fashion!

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