The Breach Between Fashion and Boho Clothing

Posted on April 17 2014

Especially in the Australian fashion scene, we’ve seen a lot of boho clothing lines popping up the past years. Maybe it’s their vast areas of land, maybe it’s the heat, or maybe it’s their laidback-ness. Whatever it is, when it comes to boho clothing, or bohemian clothing, few can match up to the Australian designers. They have taken it all to the next level of boho chic, and we show you our favourite designers in the scene!

Boho Clothing

From Hippies Vibes to High Fashion

Boho clothing is often characterized by earthy colors, loose fits, and to some extend, hippie-influences. The past years, it’s been one of the favorite looks at festival and other events that are all about sun and summer. But rather than just encompassing earthy hippie clothes for the “free at heart”, we’re seeing an even cooler trend: a perfect middle ground of fashion and boho clothing.

Taking inspiration from a laidback lifestyle and combining it with high fashion trends had spiraled to create something new and incredible. On the forefront of this new direction of boho clothing stands an Australian designer: Georgia Hall.

State of Georgia – Boho Fashion

As a self-proclaimed “hippie at heart”, Australian fashion designer Georgia Hall has taken the best from two worlds, bringing her boho clothing to a higher level with fashion influences. From the label’s beginnings in 2004, it has come a long way, breaching into what we can now classify as boho fashion. Being featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Glitter Japan and many more, State of Georgia’s boho clothing has definitely made its way into the fashion world.

One example of the seamless combination of two worlds is the Cult Movement Dress. With its super cool shape and versatile fit, it comes in three looks, taking it from the label’s boho roots to a more fashion version. The Pale and Pink Jewel Flower prints have earthy vibes, combined with a high-end shape. The black Pleather finish feels slick and sexy! Shop all the dresses here

 Boho Chic Dress

Shop State of Georgia Cult Movement Dress Jewel Flower Pink

Boho fashion dress

Shop State of Georgia Cult Movement Dress Jewel Flower Pale

Black Boho Fashion Dress

Shop State of Georgia Cult Movement Dress in Black

Another boho fashion favorite of ours is the Sinner Dress in Black under. It's super sexy, with a cool detail in the neck chain. The Boobtube Leggings is an amazing one-piece that is perfect for layering of outfits. Out of all the State of Georgia items we've shown here, the closest to the label's pure bohemian roots is probably the Orthodox Embroidery Shirt Dress. It's classic, pretty, and very versatile!

Shop the Sinner Dress in Black

Boho Fashion


Shop the Boobtube Leggings

Embroidered Bohemian Shirt

Shop Orthodox Embroidery Shirt Dress



Boho Fashion Jewelry

Another designer that has made a mark in the world of boho clothing is eleven44. With inspiration from world travels and an emphasis on sustainability, the label has become a favorite in the world of boho fashion. And it is especially when it comes to jewelry design the label stands out. eleven44 uses real world items and handmakes molds to create the pendants and jewelry as the perfect accessories to your boho clothing. Shop the full eleven44 collection here, or shop our favorite items in the selection under.

Boho jewelry

Shop eleven44 Horse Tail Necklace

Three-finger ring

Shop eleven44 Three-Finger Ring

Knuckle duster

Shop eleven44 Large Spike Knuckles


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