The Top 5 Sports Jerseys in Street Fashion 2014

Posted on April 04 2014

It’s not the first time we say this, but it’s all about the sporty streetwear this year. Street fashion is getting more chilled, and nothing is more comfy than sportswear. Everyone from small designers to big fashion houses are taking inspiration from sportswear, and the trend is awesome!

Streetwear is getting especially sporty when it comes to jerseys, and there’s some amazing designs out there.

Some of our designers have put out some absolutely sick sports-inspired streetwear this year, and we’ve picked out some of our favourite sport jerseys to help you get on top of your game!

1. Skingraft Leather & Mesh Jersey

Skingraft Sports Jersey

At the high end of the street fashion spectrum, Skingraft has done what they do best: combine unlikely fabrics into perfect streetwear pieces! The Leather & Mesh jersey is pretty much as cool and exclusive as it gets. If you want to go for the best of the best in the sporty streetwear trend, go for the Skingraft Jersey!

2. KTZ Poison Sports Jersey

KTZ Sports Jersey Streetwear

On a bit of a similar note to the Skingraft sports jersey, the KTZ Poison Jersey plays on elements of black mesh, oversized fit, and contrasts. The jersey is embroidered with the cobra from the KTZ SS14 collection, showing more elements of sports inspiration. Shop KTZ here.

3. Nemis Duo Geo Sports Jersey

Nemis Sports Jersey

On the more colorful side of the spectrum, Nemis has put out this awesome sports jersey. With one of the label’s signature geometric prints on the front, and subtle yellow stripes on the sleeves, this sports jersey is poppy, playful and cool. Get it here.

4. Bleach Hockey Mesh Tee

Bleach Project Sports Jersey

When it comes to sporty streetwear, few can match up to Bleach Project. The label has put out some really sick sports jerseys this year, and our absolute favorite is the Hockey Mesh Tee. The panels of mesh are perfectly placed, and the balance between solid white and see-through creates a holistic look!

5. KTZ Poison Baseball Jersey

KTZ Baseball Jersey

Making the list twice is not bad, but then again, we’re talking about Kokon To Zai! A while ago we saw Rihanna rocking the long version of this sports jersey, and we were super stoked when we received the shorter jersey. It stands out from the rest of the list with its baseball characteristics, and will definitely stand out in your streetwear collection as well. Shop it here.

We love the sporty tendencies of street fashion this year, and you now have an advantage in getting on top of your game. You'e welcome :)

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