Top 5 Rihanna Outfits and How To Get The Style

Posted on February 25 2014

As the past years’ queen of pop, Rihanna has also moved on to take the throne of the fashion scene. Her urban outfits are some of the most admired, copied and spoken about the past years, with good reason. Rihanna’s outfits make her look sexy while being casual and cool, always rocking the newest creations from the most interesting designers. We break down some of our favourite Rihanna outfits, and show you how you can get some of her key fashion pieces.

1. The All-Black Outfits

Rihanna's All-Black Outfits

Nothing beats a perfectly done all-black outfit, and of course, no one does it better than Rihanna. When it comes to all-black outfits, it is all about the details and accessories. In the photo on the left, Rihanna is wearing an oversized KTZ sweater, with some amazing leather pants and golden accessories.

For something similar, check out the awesome tees by This Is A Love Song, and the jewelry by eleven44.

In the photos on the right, the queen of pop is wearing a full-on black leather outfit, again with golden accessories. Check out the Leather Crop Shirt and the other black leather items by Skingraft.

2. Mesh It Up

Rihanna in Mesh

We’re seeing a lot of great mesh items this year, and of course Rihanna’s outfits were full of mesh before most others caught on. Rihanna has been rocking a lot of sporty streetwear lately, and to get the look, we recommend you check out Bleach. Just go small on the sizes, and the items work just as great for girls as for guys!

3. Colourful printed tees

Rihanna in printed t-shirt outfit

Guess there is no surprise that this is one of our favorite Rihanna outfits. Again with golden accessories, she is really pulling off this beautiful colorful all-over printed t-shirt. To match this look with some amazing printed tees, head over and check out the APRIY collection. Here are some of the amazing tees:

APRIY Printed T-shirts


4. Bold Monochrome Native Prints

Rihanna Outfit in Poland

The queen of pop arrived in this all-over printed KTZ outfit in Poland last year, and like every Rihanna outfit, she rocked it to perfection. We love the hard-edged monochromatic print, and we love her for going all-in by wearing it all-over!

To rock this look, get the Card Print Harem Trousers by KTZ (which are on sale, lucky you):

KTZ Harem Pants


5. Pay Attention to Details and Accessorise 

Rihanna's cool laidback outfits

Even when they at first seem simple, Rihanna’s outfits always have that extra touch, usually in the form of perfect accessories. In the photo on the left, she topped her outfit of with a House of Malakai hat. Some of our favorite hats right now are the ones from EGR and This Is A Love Song


EGR Hat This Is A Love Song Snapback This Is A Love Song Snapback

For the casual and cool printed tees look, get yourself some of the tees from This Is A Love Song.

There is no doubt Rihanna has an incredible fashion sense, and the ability to make any outfit look amazing. But if you follow these pointers, and get yourself some real key pieces, there is no saying you can’t pull off a homerun!

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