Top 10 Reasons Why The Cool Kids are Still Relevant

Posted on February 19 2014

On January 6 Chuck Inglish from The Cool Kids announced on twitter that the duo will release their album Shark Week within the year. The question is 'Are The Cool Kids Still Relevant?' Yes they are! We'll tell you why.


  • The Cool Kids actually have something to say:
  • “Y’all disrespecting beats,
    Better learn how to rap.
    Cause these kids nowadays
    Way more concerned with facts”
    -Chuck Inglish

    2. They are sporting these perfect (almost) all-black streetwear outfits like it’s nobody’s business

    The Cool Kids in Black Streetwear

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    3. Chuck Inglish was rocking sportswear way before any of you were

    Chuck Inglish from the Cool Kids

    4. They’re still rocking sportswear better than most

    The Cool Kids in sporty streetwear

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    5. Chuck Inglish can hang out with Casey Veggies in this Fresh Prince in Bel Air outfit and still look cool

    Chuck Inglish from the Cool Kids

    6. Sir Michael Rocks can wear a Looney Tunes jumper and still look fierce

    Sir Michael Rocks from the Cool Kids

    7. Chuck Inglish can look like Steve Urkel and still make us feel that it’s all gonna be ok!

    Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish from the Cool Kids

    8. They know that black printed tees are for winners

    The Cool Kids in Black T-shirts

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    9. That car, that chain, those outfits!

    The Cool Kids music video

    10. They Champions Baby

    The Cool Kids gif


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