CHAHOOO Shares His Street Fashion Trend Predictions for 2014

Posted on January 22 2014

As streetwear and fashion continues its merge, tumblr is getting stacked up on blogs and streams of street fashion. One of these is CHAHOOO, a photo-stream of impeccable street fashion, curated by young Jack from New Zealand. Following CHAHOOO’s recognition as a go-to streetwear blog (can a photo stream be called a blog?), we’ve had a chat with Jack about current streetwear trends, CHAHOOO’s style views, and what to expect of street fashion in 2014.

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P: Where do you see streetwear going in 2014?

CHAHOOO Street Fashion

Jack: I see the black and gold trend leaving entirely but black and white fashion still holding its place in the street fashion world. I think Hood By Air and PYREX trend leaving completely because they've had their hype moment. I never understood why people paid triple digits for some shorts. Oversized tees will stay a hit as everyone will want their layer game to be on point. The year ahead is somewhat hard to predict because streetwear is forever evolving.

PASAR: What is CHAHOOO all about?

Jack: CHAHOOO is my way of showing what I think is prodigious in regards to clothing. CHAHOOO captures my take on what is stylish/fashionable. I post anything I feel that I would wear (and) I see as promising design. CHAHOOO is also about me solidifying my own personal style and the journey along with it. CHAHOOO also has a giveaway side to it, I'll give away shoutouts/posts to up and coming or undiscovered labels that I see promising.

P: There definitely seems to be a specific style to the clothing and outifts you post. can you describe this style?

Jack: Oversized garments and long pieces of clothing that are different from what you would usually see in the street, and then layering them together along with other garments. CHAHOOO captures different styles like the classy burberry tenchcoat look, streetgoth and 

Chahoo Black Outfit

urban skate, but the one thing that they have in common is the possibility of layering them. Personally I like oversized baggy clothing and long oversized garments.

People are constantly asking how they can get the same style as I show, and I tell them that all you need to begin with is a basic oversized tee and some decent pants. From there you can add your own style into it by adding bombers, jackets, hats etc.

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If you want the style my blog shows then slim fitting shoes are a basic necessity. I’m not a big fan of the chunky high top Air Force 1s or Jordans for that matter. I prefer slim fit shoes like Nike Flyknit, Nike Roshe or high top Converse.

P: We now see high end streetwear labels doing fashion shows and fashion powerhouses like Givenchy doing just street fashion. What do you think of this?

I think it's great that you can purchase designer street fashion items that will hold up in the street and that brands that were made for the street are now at fashion shows. It is what it is.

Here's Jack's favourite outfit from PASAR:

Outfit with Skingraft, Franksland and Several Decades

Skingraft Hooded Jersey, FRANKSLAND Ray's Top Black, Several Decades Happy Short


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