Blog Feature: Cream & Coal

Posted on January 15 2014

Fashion blogger – you know the type: “This is my fabulous outfit and my life is perfect and I casually namedrop all the fabulous brands I’m wearing while I’m standing here posing on the streets of New York with my Starbucks cup in hand.” It becomes a breath of fresh air to stumble upon fashion bloggers who have a lot more to give. Meet Jessika Hunter from Cream & Coal.

Jessika loves snow, surf, and everything that comes with it. She takes photos in crazy locations, featuring her friends in actionwear, streatwear, sportswear, or whatever the situation calls for. And that’s exactly another thing we love about Cream & Coal: it is not just about Jessika herself! She shows awesome clothes, places and situations, featuring friends, acquaintances and whomever that is most suitable.

We sat down with Jessika (we didn’t really, but we sent over a whole lot of questions) to find out 

more about what Cream & Coal is really all about!

PASAR: Who is Cream & Coal?

JESSIKA: Cream and Coal is a collaboration of girls, and sometimes guys, who love and live the surf and snowboard lifestyle and who also love the influence of fashion and mixing of trends.  

P: How did it get started?

J: The idea started out as a fun way to express and showcase the lifestyle in which we love, and since has seen such amazing growth with collaborators, readers, and followers. The idea was that even though girls who like to play with the boys, they don't always have to dress like them. We live a pretty fun and adventurous life, so why not dress for the occasion.

P: Describe your own style.

J: My own personal style is pretty laid back and west coast inspired. My closet definitely consists of a lot of earthy tones, blacks, whites and greys. You can't go wrong with a black skinny jean. 

 P: How would you describe your style of photography?

J: It's hard to pin point a certain style, but I would say it is rather natural and organic. I love the details and capturing girls in their element. I like photos to look clean and detailed but that inspire a thought or idea.


Cream and Coal blog feature

Cream & Coal featuring the Nemis Bottom-Up Tee Red

P: What makes Cream & Coal different from other fashion blogs?

J: We like to do things different on Cream & Coal. Not just a fashion blog, but also a lifestyle blog. Anything from a day on your snowboard, to a day at the beach, to that new shop we just discovered, or just cruising around town, we love finding style in all the things we do.

P: You have written that you take inspiration from surf and snowboard culture. How do you think these cultures have inspired streetwear and urban wear in general?

J: Surf and snow culture has influenced urban and street wear greatly, what we love doing is bridging the gap between fashion and snowboarding and surfing. Maybe easier for a guy, but for girls you can get lost in the mix. We want to inspire girls and feature surf/snow brands and mix it in with street brands in a fashionable way. We are not high fashion or hipster, but love mixing in trends and having a wide variety so your style can flow effortlessly. 

P: What will you be wearing in 2014?

J: 2014 is looking like a fun year with colours, patterns and unique materials already. With spring and summer just around the corner, we are excited for some new looks and trends, to see you'll just have to keep an eye on the blog!

Cream and Coal wearing Nemis Clothing

Cream & Coal featuring Nemis Mondrie Leggings

P: What are you impressions of PASAR?

J: We love the PASAR site! It's so awesome to see more online options of up and coming designers. It's refreshing and edgy and you are definitely able to find something for all seasons and any occasion.  

It’s incredibly refreshing to see girls like Jessika do their thing and do it well. Cream & Coal is a blog to follow if you like cool chicks, cool clothes, and good photography! Visit the blog here.


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