What to expect of 2014: Sporty Streetwear

Posted on January 03 2014

For as long as anyone cares to remember, sneakers have been the be-all and end-all in urban streetwear. Nike and Adidas have released limited edition sneakers for years, having streetwear gurus and sneakerheads fighting their way to the counters to capture a pair.

In addition to the sneakers, we’re now also seeing a lot of streetwear taking inspiration from sportswear, and we’re sure to see a lot more of sporty streetwear in the year to come!


What used to be dedicated to travels back-and-forth to the gym is now accepted in the streets, and we love it! Who doesn’t want to wear something comfy and cool while they’re out?

One of our favorite aspects of joggers and sweatpants is that they work so well with prints. It’s pretty safe to say that KTZ have made the Rolls Royce of joggers with their Gear Print Joggers. They’ve got a relaxed fit, a sick print and tapered legs, perfect for showing of your shoes or sneaks. Expect to see more fashion like this in 2014.

When you’ve got joggers in the perfect shape, they can look sick also without print. These unisex grey sweatpants by Bleach are a rare gem in sporty streetwear. They’re constructed with dropcrotch and diagonal zipper, with fitted legs. Perfect for looking good and feeling comfy at the same time.

Sporty streetwear from Bleach 

Sports Jerseys

We LOVE sports jerseys! And lucky for us, there’s some really cool ones out there. More than the actual sports jersey themselves, we love the designs that take inspiration from them, creating solid sporty streetwear pieces. Again we have to pull up Bleach. Check out these sick jerseys they released this season:

Sports Jerseys from Bleach 

Relaxed-fit tops

Even though they’re not exactly sportswear, we’re seeing some amazing womens tops that are taking inspiration from more relaxed styles. Longer and more loose-fitted tanks, baseball caps, and loose pants will dominate womens streetwear in 2014, and few does sporty streetwear better than This Is A love Song. Their Cruise 13/14 collection is full of cool, relaxed styles:

This Is A Love Song Collection 

Be prepared for 2014

Start getting your 2014 wardrobe ready with some laidback sports-inspired streetwear. Combine is with your best sneakers, and win while being comfy. Sporty streetwear is taking over the world, you best believe it!

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