Fashion Killa: Get the ASAP Rocky Clothing Style

Posted on December 07 2013

ASAP Rocky has proudly graduated from the class of hiphop prodigies, rising to the level of international superstardom. Not only has he risen as a rapper, but ASAP Rocky has been crowned the hiphop industry’s most influential force in high street fashion. We’ll break down some of the multi-talent’s urban outfits, and show you how you can get that ASAP Rocky clothing style!

Turn up the contrast with blacks and whites

Especially early in his career, ASAP Rocky’s clothing style consisted a lot of all black or all white streetwear outfits. Lately, we’ve seen ASAP Rocky turn up the contrast by combining white and black garments.  We've also seen ASAP Rocky wear a lot of tees with contrast in themselves. Black tees with white print, or vice versa, like in the photo on the right, where Rocky is wearing a KTZ symbol printed long-sleeve t-shirt.

The black-and-white contrasts in the tees are super strong, and works as definite head-turners. We've picked out our favourite KTZ black and white tees in true ASAP Rocky style under.

 KTZ SS14 Tee

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KTZ Ying Yang Tee Black

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KTZ Ying Yang Tee White

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Create unlikely combinations

It doesn’t take much skill to go into a store and buy a piece of designer clothing. The skills are needed when it comes to putting different garments together into outfits, and few does it like ASAP Rocky. The rapper has a special way of combining unlikely items, and even if it sometimes seems like a massiv crash, he shows that he doesn’t give a F*. Just check out the read sneakers, camo jacket and leopard towel combination ASAP Rocky pulled at the Hot 97 Summer Jam in 2012.

 Bleach Camo Overall

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Bleach Camo Shirt

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Bleach Combat Pants

Bleach Combat Flap Pants

“With clothes, I like mixing what different designers do until it becomes a personal expression of how I’m feeling that day. This vest is by Skingraft. It only comes out for a GQ shoot or a hot date with an actress.”  - ASAP Rocky

If you take a chance, do it 100%

How the h* is it possible to pull off wearing furry earmuffs? The answer is to go all in. It’s obvious that ASAP Rocky’s clothing style leaves no room for doubts, so when he walked the streets of Paris during fashion week in January 2013 ASAP Rocky went all in and wore his earmuffs with pride! It should be mentioned that the Shaun Samson hockey jersey with the white shirt under looked pretty ace.

Prints all-over

Like we mentioned, ASAP Rocky is not shy to go all in with his outfits. During his Diamonds World Tour, he was often seen wearing a custom KTZ Tattoo Towelling head-to-toe outfit (Shop KTZ Menswear).



After breaking down ASAP Rocky’s clothing style, the most important lesson comes from Rocky’s own philosophy: make your style personal. Combine your favorite items into your own personal outfits, even if the combinations might be unconventional, because the combination will be your own personal expression!

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