Camo and Streetwear - An on-and-off relationship

Posted on December 02 2013

For as long as most people can remember, camo and urban fashion have had their on-and-off relationship. Camouflage prints seem to come in waves, and even if it sometimes completely disappears from the scene, there’s one thing you can be sure of: camo will always have its presence in streetwear and urban fashion! 

The Straight-Up Military Camo

The first style we’re breaking down is the most obvious one: the military camo. Instead of being fashionable clothing with camo prints, these items are simply military style clothing mixed into outfits to make a cool and casual look. Below you can see Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Selena Gomez rocking this style. In Rihanna’s outfit, she goes all-out military by wearing camo pants with Timberland boots and a military-inspired jacket. Compared to Rihanna, Jay-Z tones it down one notch by wearing a sweater, making his out slightly more street than military. Selena Gomez goes even further, wearing a casual military shirt with black pants, high heels, and a colorful t-shirt.

Rihanna, Jay-Z and Selena Gomez wearing camo

The Camo-Printed Urban Fashion

For years we’ve seen designers use camo prints on unconventional items in urban fashion. Sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, and suits, have all at some point or another been altercated with camouflage print. Check out the photos below where Heidi Klum is spotted wearing an all-over camo tracksuit, Pharrell is wearing a camouflage tuxedo (!!), and Rihanna (yeah, we’re showing you another Rihanna outfit) is rocking a sports jersey-styled tshirt with camo print.

Bleach did a pair of swimmers with camo print. They are short, with a European cut, and has camouflage printed all-over.

Nemis Clothing has done a really cool limited edition camo shirt. The shirt is short-sleeved, smart, with a button-down collar, and it works for both guys and girls. Check it out in the photo below, where Thai-Swedish model Tanja wore it to perfection.

Nemis Limited Edition Camo Shirt

Altercations of Camo Prints

The past years, we’ve also seen many designers take inspiration from camouflage, and creating their own prints from them. A perfect example is the Camo Flower print by EGR, which the designer used to create shirts, tees, tanks and pants, and the possibility to put together a perfect all-matching camo flower outfit.

Nemis has also done a camouflage-inspired print, with the Mosaic pattern. It is strong and colorful, and come of as casual and cool. From the Nemis Mosaic print, they came out with a mens t-shirt, and a womens leggings.

Camouflage leaves people with a lot of options. It can be dressed up, by styling it with more smart items, or it can be kept casual, by sticking to streetwear items. No matter if you like it or not, you better get used to it, cause even if camouflage streetwear goes away, it is sure to come back again! 

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