Mens Plain White T-Shirt – An Icon!

Posted on November 24 2013

There are few, if any, pieces of garment as iconic as the mens plain white t-shirt.

The plain white tee is probably the most versatile item a man can own, and depending on what he combines it with, it can be the center of attention or the perfect ally for the other pieces of an outfit.


The V-Neck White Tee

Depending on fit, the v-neck white t-shirt can be both casual and smart. Just check out how Pharrell Williams wears it in the photos below. It is fairly loose but still seems fitted, and combined with some rougher shorts, it comes off fresh and clean. The plain tee really makes the shoes and belt stand out, making it their perfect ally.

Pharrell Williams in a white t-shirt

The Oversized White Tee

When it comes to plain white t-shirts, the shape becomes so much more important. Nemis Clothing have created something as close to a perfect oversized tee with their All White Cutout TeeIn addition the perfect shape of low hanging shoulder seems and an oversized fit, the tee has a sewn-in triangle on front, creating the extra detail to make it stand out. Shop it here

Mens White Oversized T-Shirt

The Scoop Neck White Tee

While the neckline can seem like a detail, on a plain white t-shirt it makes a huge difference. We love the scoop necks, as it gives great shape to the shoulders. Ryan Gosling pulls of an amazing look with a fitted scoop-neck t-shirt in the photo under. It is fitted, with rolled sleeves, and combined with casual jeans. Kanye West is also rocking a scoop neck white tee, but wearing it more oversized, with a rough pair of jeans and colorful sneakers. For a similar white t-shirt, check out FRANKSLAND’s Snow White Tee.

Ryan Gosling and Kanye West wearing white t-shirts 

James Dean

I don’t think it’s possible to write anything about the plain white t-shirt without mentioning James Dean. He’s the godfather of the jeans-and-tee look, just as iconic today as he was 60 years ago. James Dean was often seen combining it with casual jeans or sometimes wearing a shirt or jacket over.

James Dean in his white tee 

No matter how you prefer to wear it, it’s safe to say a wardrobe without a plain white tee is simply incomplete. If you are to only own one t-shirt, make it a well-fitting white one. You can never go wrong with that!

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